More scheduled to be inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame include Bill Watts (inducted by Jim Ross), Ricky Steamboat (inducted by Ric Flair) and the Von Erich family.

Jeff Hardy was recently on the Cort and Fatboy, discussing seasons in wrestling, facing Matt at WrestleMania, wrestlers joining the SAG and more! You can listen to the interview at, which takes place about 20-minutes into the show.

The Dallas Morning News has an article up with Charlie Haas and wife Jackie Gayda, discussing exercising together. You can check out the full article at

The Chicago Tribute has an interview up with Jesse Ventura, where he discusses that MLB Commissioner Bud Selig should be held responsible for the use of steroids in Baseball, as he mentions the 104 players that failed tests. Ventura says that if Vince McMahon can be put on trial for the same thing, then so should Selig.

- The following update has been made to the Legacy service:
* Raw: Episode 66 - June 6, 1994
* Wrestling Challenge: Episode 34 - April 26, 1987
* J.R.?s Pick of the Month: Big Van Vader vs. Ron Simmons
* Tokyo Dome: Andre The Giant & Giant Baba vs. Demolition - April 13, 1990
* Stampede Wrestling: Owen Hart vs. Johnny Smith - April 30, 1988
* Raw: Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels - February 7, 2005
* Raw: John Morrison vs. Jeff Hardy - November 13, 2006
* UK Rampage: Undertaker vs. Sid - April 19, 1992
* Primetime Wrestling: Don Muraco & Mr. Fuji vs. SD Jones & King Tonga - April 8, 1986
* Hulk Hogan vs. Big John Studd - October 19, 1985

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