Jesse Ventura is speaking out about the current steroid news in major league baseball and says that baseball commissioner Bud Selig should be held responsible for the 104 players who tested positive for steroid use back in 2003 on his watch. Ventura told NBC 9 News in Denver, "In the early '90s, the federal government came into pro wrestling and tried to put (WWE Chairman) Vince McMahon in prison for steroid use of wrestlers. My question is: They've now determined 104 baseball players failed their steroid test in 2003 - 104. They indicted Vince McMahon, why aren't they indicting Bud Selig? He's the head of baseball, it happened on his watch." The former Governor of Minnisota says Selig needs to be held accountable and it would be very unfair for the government to look away from such a big issue. "You can't tell me for one minute that Bud Selig and the owners didn't know. They were profiting from it. Baseball was dead in the water until the big home run race between (Mark) McGwire and Sammy Sosa and that rejuvenated baseball, made all the profits so Bud Selig could make $17 million a year."

Tom sent this one in: Jeff Hardy stopped by to do a pre-Smackdown interview with us, and not only added his voice to the growing chorus asking for Wrestling "Seasons" and SAG membership, but also strongly hinted that Matt vs. Jeff would be settled in the ring with a dedicated match at Wrestlemania.

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