>> CNBC.com has a breaking news alert that financial guru Meredith Whitney, the wife of WWE superstar John Bradshaw Layfield, is leaving Oppenheimer Funds to start her own firm. The story is developing and there should be more details shortly.

>> After WWE.com released images of the first batch of Legends, through tons of trial and error, one person meticulously discovered the other images by constantly changing the wrestler name and photo set number in the URL (for example -"/legendswrestlemania/photos/rosterpt3/mr.-fuji.jpg" to "/legendswrestlemania/photos/rosterpt4/ric-flair.jpg"). Although, a list correctly revealing all 40+ characters leaked online about four weeks ago, so he was able to use the information from the list when changing the character names. The URL's to the images were then posted online, which WWE.com soon found out about and quickly deleted.

>> WWE.com has added Christian's entrance theme "Just Close Your Eyes" to their mobile ringtone service.

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