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Kara "Cherry" Drew, 33, is returning to college to earn a degree. After a few months working on the indy circuit following her release from World Wrestling Entertainment this past August, the former Diva made a decision to take a sabbatical from the wrestling business.

Former WWE wrestler Idol Stevens started in the World Wrestling Council promotion out of Puerto Rico last week.

Former WWE wrestler Super Crazy was supposed to start in the AAA promotion out of Mexico this week, but things fell apart and he's not coming in after all.

Former WWE wrestler Damian Demento has resurfaced on YouTube yet again. Note from Ryan Clark: Lets hope this is just a one-shot deal!! In a recent video post, he gives his thoughts on The Wrestler, and it's not a positive review as he calls it "a joke." He calls out those who participated in the filming, saying they must be really desperate to be in a movie that allows a one-sided portrayal of the wrestling business in his view. Demento's especially perturbed by the scene in which Randy "The Ram" wrestles a brutal hardcore match featuring various weapons such as thumbtacks, staple guns, barbed wire and glass. So much so that Demento reverts into his trademark rant mode when discussing the scene. Demento basically thinks the scene is sick and disgusting. "On the subject of self mutilation I have my own thoughts. I see no skill, dedication, expertise, courage, or accomplishment, in one who subjects himself to abuse during a theatrical performance," Demento said. "What I see are weak, insecure, desperate, inadequate, individuals who convinced themselves that the scars they wear confirm their passage into manhood. In this day of achieving celebrity without skill or talent I have to wonder what is worse: those sick individuals who mutilate themselves for cheap publicity, or those who pay to watch?" Demento also calls out director Darren Aronofsky, saying he has no creativity with his frequent use of the steadicam in the film. Demento concludes his video by expressing his disappointment in the wrestlers who participated in the film. However, he says he's not surprised. You can watch his video review at

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