Vince McMahon's Reaction To The Jericho Incident Revealed & More

Vince McMahon's Reaction To The Jericho Incident Revealed & More Jerry Lawler tells all to the UK Sun

Vince McMahon's Reaction To The Jericho Incident Revealed & More
The UK Sun has posted an interview with Jerry Lawler. Some highlights from this interview:

Working with Jim Ross again at the Royal Rumble: It was fun Ė JR and I have a great rapport and a great relationship. A lot of people say ĎI bet you really miss JR now heís on Smackdowní, but the truth of the matter is we still get to see each other quite often. We also talk on the phone and we text. But by the same token, I tell everyone I really enjoy working with Michael Cole as well. Michael might be a little easier, maybe a little less demanding than JR. JR is so passionate, and such a huge fan which is a great. Itís what makes JR one of the best in the business. But because of that heíll want us to go to production meetings and run through things. Whereas Michael and I like to show up and go in and get the thing done and head out as quickly as possible. And I know that may sound like weíre slackers, and taking the easy way out, but the truth of the matter is it works better for me in the way that I do my job. I donít want to go to production meetings and I donít want to be too prepared. I like to watch the matches like a fan. I like to be surprised by the things I see. I like to not know whatís going to happen next. I feel like my commentary is more honest that way Ė itís more sincere in the way that Iím as surprised as the fans are!

Mick Foley's claims that Vince McMahon screams into the headsets of announcers during live shows: Letís face it, Vince is the man who owns the company and he has definite ideas about how he wants things done. And if you do something that he doesnít approve of, then heís going to let you know it. I donít know if Iím fortunate, or if Vince is just a big fan of my work, but he absolutely in the 15 years of me doing it has never ever yelled at me. Not even once. I was surprised when I heard that from Mick. But Vince has a direct line to every announcer. If weíre doing a broadcast and Vince wants to say something to me, Michael Cole doesnít hear it, and the same goes with Michael Cole. So occasionally, after a show, Michael will say: ďOh man, Vince yelled at me when I screwed this up.Ē But if youíre out there doing a good job, and saying what youíre supposed to say, heís not going to yell at you!

How He's Avoided Drug and Alcohol Abuse: I just didnít do it! Iíve never had a taste of alcohol, never done any kind of drug and never smoked a cigarette. Some people will think thatís not true, but Iíve honestly never tasted one sip of beer, wine or whiskey. And I think thatís been a long part of my longevity in the business. Iím not saying it's given me a youthful appearance but itís certainly helped me not look any older. And itís not something that years ago I thought about, I simply just didnít do it. There was a choice out there, and I always felt it was the wrong choice. That was the way I was raised. I was told those things were bad for me.

The Recent Chris Jericho "Incident": I have not seen it but I heard them talking about it last week at the show Ė Vince (McMahon) was kinda chuckling about it. Vince and I were talking and Jericho walked by and he said: ďWatch out! Jericho will hit you! Heíll knock you right down!Ē Then he adds: ďEspecially if youíre a girl!Ē Everybody is having a joke about it and to me itís not a big deal, because that used to be very prevalent in the past. We used to be able to get the fans so riled up that they literally wanted to physically attack you after the matches. That hasnít happened in a long time, so itís almost like hats off to Chris Jericho Ė for doing his job. Heís being the best bad guy that he can be. And itís working as heís making the people so mad at him that they want to get physical with him themselves.

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