Gagne Press, Orton/Vince Kick, Rourke Update Inside, & More

Gagne Press, Orton/Vince Kick, Rourke Update Inside, & More
The previously reported on story, involving Verne Gagne is receiving even more media attention from the Internet, print, and TV.

There is an article on "The UNLV Rebel Yell" website, discussing how Randy Orton kicking Vince McMahon in the head is a perfect example of "might makes right".

Oscar voting finished up Tuesday, so if Mickey Rourke is going to do more than "attend" WrestleMania, he could now change his mind. has an article up on Bruce Springsteen's music video for the song, The Wrestler, which did not get a nomination from the Academy for best Original Song. has a new article up on "The Arena" in Philadelphia. The primarily focus on the filming for The Wrestler, as well as CZW running there, while ECW only gets a one sentence mention near the end of the article: "In '93, Extreme Championship Wrestling, the pioneer of "hard core," checked in, and the venue was renamed ECW Arena."

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