Hulk Hogan's Show Outdraws RAW, DX/Mysterio News, More

Hulk Hogan's Show Outdraws RAW, DX/Mysterio News, More
Sources:, Pro Wrestling Insider

-- In the United Kingdom, Hulk Hogan's "Celebrity Championship Wrestling" drew a total of 65,000 viewers for the premiere. This broadcast had more more overall viewers watching the broadcast than WWE's RAW and SmackDown, TNA Impact or UFC's Wired and Fight Night Live.

-- WWE is releasing two new books coming up soon. The first of which will be a Rey Mysterio autobiography that will be titled Behind the Mask. Jeremy Roberts, who helped write Batista and Eric Bischoff's books, will co-author. Mysterio's book is expected for either a November or December release.

They are also releasing a paperback book of the "History of DX." While we don't have much details about it just yet, it is scheduled for a fall release.

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