News & Notes On Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler, Eugene, & More

News & Notes On Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler, Eugene, & More
Mickey Rourke is up for the best actor award at tonight's Academy Awards for his role in The Wrestler. The poll has Rourke in the lead with 71% of the votes to win the award. It'll be interesting to see Mickey's media comments tomorrow and what he does from this point forward!

At the Spirit Awards Saturday night, The Wrestler won best picture and Mickey Rourke won best actor.

Speaking of The Wrestler, Hulk Hogan claimed during an interview with The Los Angeles Times that he was up for the role of Randy The Ram.

The Courier-Journal has a story up about Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore, discussing his life as a WWE star, his release, and his return to the independent scene. The article has quotes from Dinsmore, his wife, and former WWE employee Elijah Burke. You can read the article at

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