-- A variety of ECW originals wrote blogs today on WWE Universe as they spoke on the future induction of Terry Funk into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 4th 2009. Here is what they had to say:

"Terry was always there during the ECW days to get advice from or help guide me and other young wrestlers in the correct direction. I realized then how lucky we all were to have a legend on our roster.

I am personally very excited that "The Funker" along with his brother Dory will be inducted in the highly decorated WWE Hall of Fame and I will be lucky enough to be there when it happens."

Tommy Dreamer
"It is extremely hard to put into words my emotions about Terry Funk the first ECW World Champion being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Terry and his brother Dory are the only brothers to be NWA World Champions. They held many regional single and tag team titles. The Funks competed in ECW and had a brutal fued with the Public Enemy, which culiminated into their classic barbed wire match.

Terry Funk was the man who told Hulk Hogan to contact Vince McMahon when the Hulkster had quit the business because he did not think he would make it. Terry Funk is the Godfather of Hardcore Wrestling. Terry Funk put ECW on the map when it was in its infancy.

Many hardcore clips which started each an every episode of ECW had something to do with Terry Funk. Fans throwing chairs, flaming branding irons, doing moonsaults to the floor in his mid-50s and the classic three-way dance vs. Sabu and Shane Douglas that pretty much started the underground buzz known as ECW all happened because of The Funker.

Most importantly to me, Terry Funk is my mentor and friend. He gave me my greatest advice ever when I was struggling in the early days of ECW. Terry sat me down and said just be yourself out there. Just be Tommy and the fans will respect you.

I haven't stopped being me and it is an honor to have a new wing in the WWE Hall of Fame opened, the ECW World Champions section and it will start with Terry Funk being where he belongs. I take great pride that I had the opportunity to share a locker room in the Original ECW with the great Terry Funk!"

Joey Styles
"ECW gave me an audition when WCW and the other wrestling company, which was located around the corner from my home in Stamford, CT, which shall remain nameless, would not.

After earning my "spot" my Paul Heyman. I found myself getting an all night tutorial from Terry Funk regarding what the shortcomings of other wrestling announcers at the time were.

Basically, Terry told me that he could see I had passion and that I should never hold back that passion when calling matches. Terry also legimately strangled me on ECW TV and then told me he did so that because once he "broke me into the business", I would be considered initiated to the locker room.

Once word gets around that you graduated from "Funk U" and that Terry Funk cared enough to teach you respect for "the business", a youngster in a locker room is usually afforded a pass on future unintentional mistakes.

Seeing Terry Funk inducted is going to be my favorite WWE Hall of Fame induction to date. I doubt it will air on TV live."

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