WWE.com now has a video of the WrestleMania XXVI press conference.

The Stamford Advocate has yet another article up on Linda McMahon's confirmation to the Connecticut Board of Education, noting that people are already critical of her, due to her "lack of experience".

WWE is once again in negotiations with the Watts family in an effort to acquire the old Mid-South/UWF video library. Watts' ex-wife owns the library, and there have been negotiations in the past, with nothing settled in the end.

The Fight Network has acquired the rights to Michigan independent AWWL, which is run by the sons of the Original Sheik. With the rights Fight Network will have access to tapes of the old Detroit Big Time Wrestling territory promoted by the Sheik. They hope to add them to their regular lineup if there is enough quality tape to use. AWWL sent out the following press release today: The Original Big Time Wrestling, The AWWL has announced that they have signed a three year deal with the Fight Network. This means that AWWL tv shows will be seen nationwide across the United Kingdom and Canada. The Fight Network will begin airing AWWL programming on May 1. In addition, the League can be seen in the US in several markets in Michigan and Ohio with more on the way. The hottest thing going in the AWWL at this time is the Heavyweight Championship feud between Bloody Harker Dirge and Blackjack Phoenix. Now fans in the U.S.A., Canada, England, Scotland, and Wales can watch the story unfold.

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