Mick Foley has made a commitment to wrestling on a regular basis, as he says that he has already retired once before while in WWE, but he doesn't think he'll ever officially retire again. "I already did that in 2000. I went for a year without a match when the average retirement time for wrestlers is about six weeks. I won't make a retirement announcement. I'll never say never again." Foley said in an interview with Tim Baines from the Edmonton Sun.

Regarding his relationship with Vince McMahon, Foley said, "At one time, I had a really good relationship with Vince. After I almost made the move to TNA in 2005, our relationship was never the same. It was to the point where I didn't even feel comfortable going into his office and eating his food while he was in a producers' meeting." He added, "Making the phone call to tell him was very difficult. Within a day, on Vince's orders I'm sure, I was pulled from the Legends of Wrestlemania game."

When asked about The Wrestler, Foley said he "really enjoyed" the movie.

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