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The advance for WrestleMania is about 55,000 tickets. Reliant Stadium in Houston holds 71,500 for football games and with the stage and obstructed seating view, they can max out if need be for WrestleMania at 65,000. WrestleMania turned out to not be the automatic sellout that some expected for Houston.

Former WWE referee Mickey Jay is doing good with his chemotherapy treatment. While he has lost some of his hair, he hasn't lost any weight and is being treated in Cleveland, Ohio. Mickey was visiting friends at the RAW show in Cleveland a few weeks back. WWE released Mickey when they made the most recent round of cuts even though he had been promised he would be kept around until he beat cancer.

As noted earlier, there were some weight issues with Manu which is part of the reason he was released from WWE. It turns out that Manu used to be skinny before entering WWE.

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