-- Fox Sports did a feature yesterday on the 20 most shocking and tragic deaths in sports of modern times. Chris Benoit came in at #11. Dale Earnhardt was #1. In a related note, the "Chris Benoit ban" by WWE has not been lifted, as his matches are still edited from old episodes of WCW Nitro on WWE 24/7.

-- Celebrity blog has an article up with pictures from a recent bikini photo shoot with Stacy Keibler in Australia, and states that the rumors about Stacy Keibler being pregnant are false. You can check out the article and pics at this link.

-- has an article up detailing the new agreement between WWE and Kmart for a special in-store and multimedia promotion in conjunction with the upcoming WrestleMania 25 event. You can check out the details of the agreement and what advantages it has for shoppers at this link.

-- Think UFC and WWE drug testing penalties are tough? Joe Warren, an amateur wrestler, was an Olympic champion in 2000 and a World champ in 2001 and 2006 who was suspended from amateur wrestling for two entire years because he tested positive for marijuana. His suspension caused him to miss the 2008 Olympics, where he was a medal favorite. Warren makes his fighting debut against WEC bantamweight champ Chase Beebe this weekend on the Dream card in the featherweight tournament.

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