As noted earlier, Sunny, a two-time Slammy Award winner has plans to show up at WrestleMania XXV in Houston. Sytch recently indicated on her Facebook account that she was starting to train for "something very important" in the next 30 days. In a follow-up to Sytch's post, we can confirm the validity of her statement as the company does indeed have plans to use her in the 25 Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV. Sytch last appeared in a WWE ring on December 10, 2007 at the 15th Anniversary Raw show in a segment with Vince, Stephanie and Shane McMahon. Following the appearance, the WWE website ran a Confidential-style video on Sytch with the former Diva saying it was her dream to return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Reportedly, the company gave some thought to bringing her back full-time as she met WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis backstage at the 15th Anniversary Raw show and handed him her information and most recent photos. However, as the months wore on, Sytch did not reappear in WWE, so it would appear that they weren't interested in bringing her back as a full-fledged Diva.

More big stars have been added to TNA wrestler Booker T's Legends of Wrestling Fanfest on Friday, April 3 in Houston, Texas including Diamond Dallas Page, Kimberly Page, Amy "Lita" Dumas, and Rikishi. As if that isn't enough star power, former WWF Women's Champion Rockin' Robin has also been added to the event as she will be appearing as a vendor's guest. She is the half-sister of Jake "The Snake" Roberts and reigned as Women's Champion from October 1988 until 1990 when she left the company. Following her departure from the company, the title was deactivated. The title remained inactive until December 1993 when Alundra Blayze (Madusa) came along for the rebirth of the Women's division. One of Rockin' Robin's most notable moments in wrestling is when she badly sang "America the Beautiful" prior to WrestleMania V in Atlantic City. Her rendition of the patriotic song was cut out of the event's original home video release not to mention that color commentator Jesse "The Body" Ventura chastised her following the lackluster performance, saying "she better keep her daytime job" or stick to wrestling. For more information on the convention, visit

The Wrestler is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.

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