'Lilian In New Scandal'?, More Lilian Notes Inside, More

'Lilian In New Scandal'?, More Lilian Notes Inside, More
Lilian Garcia will be appearing on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet this morning. Garcia issued the following notice on her MySpace account (www.myspace.com/liliangarcia) regarding her upcoming television appearance: See me Thursday, March 12th, on "Mike & Juliet Show"! Fox Network - Check your local listings for show times. - Lilian :)

On the front page of the wrestling section on The Sun website, they have a graphic of Lilian Garcia reading: "LILIAN IN NEW SCANDAL - Sexy WWE announcer in movie tribute." The "scandal" is simply photos of Lilian WWE posted on their website roughly a year ago when she briefly had shortened hair, although they believe the ring announcer is paying a sexy tribute to a former UK model who posed in an iconic, often emulated portrait photo involving a chair over 40 years ago.

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