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Bobby Lashley's second appearance on BWR on starts when Shasta asks Bobby about his thoughts on Ken Shamrock testing positive for steroids. Bobby's thoughts aren't that negative, he said it's a unfortunate he won't face him and that Ken trains really hard and that for a lot of people it's hard to stay in the game, and Ken got caught. Bobby also had more interesting things to say about Ken and was very respectful to Ken's legacy and had a lot of interesting things to say about the steroid scandal that surprised me, including whether he would face him in the future.

He said the promoters are working hard to find a replacement and there should be an announcement by later tonight, but that things come up sometimes so it could take longer. Bobby then talks about how his game plan has been changed. He said he has been working with Liborio on jui-jitsu and that he is very strong at it. He said he now will have to change his strategy a bit with a new opponent.

Shasta then asks about Bobby's first fight with Joshua Franklin. He said Franklin is tough and he didn't expect the fight to end as quickly as it did. He said some people experiment in fights, but it was his first and he needed to win and end it quick. He said people will see a lot more of Joshua Franklin. Bobby then talks about Brock Lesnar and said it'd be hard to go in with much of a strategy against him. He also said when he might want to fight Brock, he also said he definitely would like to win the UFC Heavyweight Championship at some point.

Bobby is then asked by Shasta if he has come up with a nick name yet. Bobby said a lot have been thrown around and he's laughed at it, he said one of his trainers has called him "The Blind Diamond." Bobby then talks about his future with AFL and whether he wants to stay or leave, he did say discussions will happen soon though. He then talked about when he wants to retire from MMA and how long he sees himself stopping.

Shasta then asked Bobby if he thinks Kurt Angle will really enter MMA. He said Kurt's a very intense person and that TNA is giving him everything he needs and he doesn't really need to go to MMA but Kurt is very competitive and that he hopes Kurt gets one fight to prove he's serious. Shasta then talks about the Kurt Angle/Brock Lesnar shoot wrestling match backstage from several years ago and Bobby said he has heard from several people that Kurt won, contrary to reports about Brock winning.

Bobby then talked about leaving the WWE and said there are always politics to deal with and that he was going through some stuff, but he loved wrestling for WWE and it was a great time and did tremendous things for him. Shasta then asked about Michael Hayes' rumored racism, Bobby is apprehensive to answer, he first laughs, and then says at first he doesn't have anything to say, but adds, "You don't have to like everyone."

Bobby also talks about having discussions with TNA Wrestling about going there and whether he will or not, his future in MMA and Pro Wrestling, his training regiment, guys he'd like to fight in the future, and even more on Ken Shamrock. Head over to to hear the full interview with Lashley, it's one of his more revealing interviews. Also we have a new Mike Swick interview up too. BWR is ending in April so keep tuning in until the end!

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