Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

While many former women's wrestlers have been contacted to participate in the 25-Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania XXV in Houston, WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young has not (at last word). Young wasn't even aware of such a match until a friend of hers called and asked her if she was going to be in it. It's been speculated that after her fall during her last wrestling appearance in November (she threw a few forearms, got dizzy, and fell down), officials are now realizing she's far too old to perform in the ring. Young is 86-years-old for those keeping score. Nonetheless, Young will likely be brought in during WrestleMania weekend because she always is she just won't be competing.

We don't have exact sales figures, but WWE's Voices CD finished at No. 156 last week on the Billboard chart.

At an indy show in Northern California over the weekend, former WWE wrestler Paul London debuted a new gimmick. A SLAM! Wrestling article described his new character with the following paragraph: "His new outfit -- a full-body military-esque costume -- and character are still a work in progress, sort of a fun, nerdy blend of 1970s band DEVO and a nerdy Air Force cadet with flight jacket and goofy, oversized sunglasses."

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