James sent this in: I'm not sure if anyone else has let you know about this or anything, but you guy's mentioned the Jimmy Snuka DVD box set and not having a release date yet. The new WWE Magazine has it listed as hitting shelves on April 14th.

Andrew sent this in: I don't know if you guys know this but I found it interesting. I'm watching, and trying to stay awake, TNA's Impact replay this morning and a trailer for the new Seth Rogen movie "Observe and Report" heavily used John Cena's "Bad Man" (or whatever the hell it was called) song in the TV trailer. Just thought that would interest some people.

Although an official confirmation isn't known at this time, Travis Tomko's name was not listed on the leaked WWE Raw script from a few weeks back that had a talent listings for those on the main rosters, developmental and injured talent. Tomko's last WWE appearance was during a dark match with Paul Burchill in December 2008. It was later discovered that Tomko worked the match injured having suffered a tear in the back of his deltoid that required surgery.

There remains no real update on the passing of Andrew "Test" Martin. What we do know is that Martin's body was found by police at around 8:00 p.m. ET last night in his apartment/condo in Tampa, Florida. A neighbor saw through his window that he was motionless for hours and called police, who broke in and found him dead. Police initially didn't release his name although we are told a Blockbuster card or some kind of a membership card was found in his wallet with the name Barbie Blank on it (WWE's Kelly Kelly) who Martin dated for some time. So this confirmed to people in the business that it was him despite a name not being officially released. He had attended WrestleMania 24 last year in Orlando as Kelly's boyfriend. Martin did complete a WWE sponsored drug rehabilitation last summer and it remains to be seen if he got back into anything that caused his passing. A preliminary autopsy has not been completed yet. As reported earlier, he was just a few days shy of his 34th birthday and was scheduled to leave for a European wrestling tour soon.

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