Christian recently updated his Myspace page to address recent stories that he and his wife were splitting up. He wrote, "I am getting upset about the rumors about me and my wife splitting up. We are NOT Splitting up. I don't know who started this rumor but me and my wife are fine." (Thanks to Brian Williams)

Mickey Rourke was in Russia recently to promote The Wrestler. He gave an exclusive interview to the Independent Wrestling Federation (IWF) where he talked about his role in film, his wrestling training, Wrestlemania 25 and much more. You can check out the interview at this link. (Thanks to Daniil)

Raven and Chris Klucsartis (Kanyon) have filed a motion to reopen the judgment against the WWE and have filed a NEW complaint that they hope the court will accept. Mike Sanders, interestingly, is NOT pursuing the claim further. You can find details and the actual papers at this link. (Thanks to Dan Schwartz) sent us a photo of IndyCar Series driver Danica Patrick getting escorted around in a wheelchair scooter by Candice Michelle. They were both in Las Vegas last week for a Go Daddy commercial shoot and for the announcement of new Go Daddy Girl, poker star, Vanessa Rousso. We uploaded the photo to our Facebook group in the 'Photos' section. Click here to go to our Facebook group and see the photo. (Thanks to Randy Boomer Berman at

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