Huge Christian Update: Vince Didn't Want Him At WM 25

Huge Christian Update: Vince Didn't Want Him At WM 25 Vince's no-confidence in Christian continues

Huge Christian Update: Vince Didn't Want Him At WM 25 reports that several weeks after signing the former NWA champion, Vince McMahon is still not a believer in Christian. Vince was no in favor of putting Christian in the Money In The Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 25. However, several agents and creative team members continued to push the idea and eventually made a strong enough pitch to get him in the match.

Itís no secret that Vince has never seen Christian as a true main event player, but the star does have backers in the company and is tight with RAW lead writer Brian Gewirtz among others. reports that TNA really valued Christian Cage and wanted to re-sign him to a strong six-figure deal. Sources say the deciding favor for Christian was the upside pay in WWE being greater than in TNA over the next three to five years, plus he had little faith in TNAís creative team. His good friend Edge being a major player in WWE also swayed his decision, with their past storyline connections, it was believed to be inevitable that Christian would get a chance in the main event with him. It appears that itís going to take a little longer than Christian had hoped to get that push though. Christian coming in with no grand entrance and seemingly jobbing regularly on ECW has hurt him, but itís better that it happens on ECW in front of an audience one-third the size of SmackDown and RAW.

Sources say they are amazed that Vince thinks so little of Christian since he has such a good reputation with the fans, can cut very good promos, and can work a solid WWE style match. What works against him is his physique, and the fact that he ďleft the familyĒ and went to TNA a few years ago. McMahon may want to downplay Christian a little bit to prove that he wasnít a big star and didnít benefit from the main event and world title matches in TNA, thus giving him and un-announced return on ECW which left fans confused.

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