Floyd Mayweather's Return, Mickey Rourke/'Mania, More News

Floyd Mayweather's Return, Mickey Rourke/'Mania, More News
The Miami Herald has an article up, discussing the fact that the Army National Guard is sponsoring WrestleMania. They will have a presence at AXXESS, and the Army is hoping that by sponsoring the event, that they can reach their recruitment goals for the year. You can read the full article at MiamiHerald.com.

Contact Music discusses Mickey Rourke appearing at WrestleMania, which you can read at ContactMusic.com.

ESPN is reporting that Floyd Mayweather Jr., who participated in last year's WrestleMania, is looking to return to boxing.

Linda McMahon is set to participate in the Sidoti & Co. 13th Annual NY Emerging Growth Institutional Investor Forum in New York City.

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