Kevin Eck of The Baltimore Sun is currently doing a blog, where he counts down his top 25 WrestleMania stars. You can check that out at

If you want more John Cena news, then here's a link for you. Jim Varsallone has an article up in the Miami Herald with lots of quotes from John Cena, discussing the release of 12 Rounds. You can check out the full article at

West Virginia University kicker Pat McAfee made an appearance at the IWA East Coast show over the weekend. He was there to sign autographs, but ended up working a match with the wrestler "War Pig". McAfee discusses the event and the fact that he is focused on an NFL career, and not a pro wrestling career at

Elamintal Multimedia has sent in two videos of WWE star Dave Batista training in Filipino Martial Arts, which you can see at and For those wondering whether Batista is looking to follow in the footsteps of Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley by competing in MMA, this is not the case and the currently injured superstar simply trains in various fighting disciplines to stay in shape.

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