FOX 11 News at Nine recently did a story on what it takes to become a professional wrestler. The piece takes a look at a small Arizona independent wrestling promotion, and features an interview with Mickey Rourke, who talks about his new found respect for professional wrestling. To view the piece, click here.

Politico has an article about the infighting in the GOP, and compares their political disagreements to an episode of Monday Night Raw. To view the article, click here. (Thanks to George)

The National Film Board of Canada has added the film Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows to it's website. It's a fascinating film that follows Bret Hart during his final year in the WWE, and climaxes with the infamous Montreal screw job. You even see footage of Vince McMahon being helped out of Hart's locker room after Hart decked him, as well as Hart's wife yelling at Triple H backstage for being in on the double-cross. To watch the entire film for free, click here.

We've received several reports on Flair's voice coming on during the eight-man Money In the Bank match. Most have said that Flair said something along the lines of "I'm really looking forward to" or "We're looking forward too" before it was cut off. (Thanks to Michael Modjeska, Pratt, JayDub and Brandon Russell)

Once again, we have a leaked photo of Chris Jericho and Kelly Kelly sharing a kiss on our Facebook group. You can see a photo of them kissing on our Facebook group in the 'Photos' section by clicking here.

Finally, I got a chance to check out a review copy of Quantum Of Solace last week, which releases on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow. I loved Casino Royale, however didn't get a chance to check out Quantum Of Solace in theatres and figured it couldn't live up to the original. Boy, was I wrong, as Quantum Of Solace was harger hitting and darker than the original. In fact, it's probably the grittiest Bond film yet. While I still rank Casino Royale slightly higher than Solace, it still ranks up there with the best of the Bond films. It's definitely the most action-packed. To purchase the film on DVD, click here. To purchase the film on Blu-Ray, click here. You can watch a trailer of the film below:

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