WWE stocks closed Wednesday trading at $11.92 a share. The stock is up over a dollar per share since JBL recommeded the stock over the weekend on Fox.

Trish Stratus will be signing autographs at the Radical Speedsport Card Show in Moncton, NB on 4/25.

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Trevor Murdoch appear for Harley Race' WLW group this Saturday night in Eldon, MO.

The Sports Illustrated website posted an article on Brock Lesnar's career so far in the UFC. Calling him the "antithesis of the UFC's Vegas-style extravagance, " writer Jon Wertheim talked to the current UFC Heavyweight champ about his training in Alexandria, MN, his fight against Mir and his wrestling career. It's a pretty good article which also contains quotes from friends. "You know what I like about this sport? We can talk all we want, but then the fight comes, and this sh!t is for real," exclaimed Lesnar comparing the UFC to his old WWE days.

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