Jim Ross has posted another blog, which you can read at JRsBarBQ.com in its entirety. In this entry, Ross responds to a fan who mentions Internet reports that he is still upset about being on SmackDown and as a result is "phoning it in" and not giving his best effort. Ross writes: "What a load of manure. I have been been battling pneumonia for the past two weeks that has included an infected, fluid filled lung. This infection has zapped my strength. My doctor instructed me to stay down for two weeks but I had work to do with the Smackdown tapings in Corpus Christi and a trip the following week to Connecticut to voice over the Smackdown program that aired this past Friday. I never took the two weeks off that I perhaps should have in hindsight and I will be the first to admit that my work the past two weeks wasn't up to my own personal standards."

Ross continues, "However, for any one to think that I am not giving 100% effort at work is pathetically ignorant. Those that say such B.S. do not know me well nor have they known me long. My work ethic has never been questioned in my career by those that I have worked with or that matter in my life."

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