» WWE.com is reporting that the Vickie Guerrero pregnancy was an April Fool's joke played by John Cena. If that's the case, shouldn't it have been posted today? To read the full article, which includes pictures of what Guerrero's child would possible have looked like, click here.

Has John Cena been used effectively in this storyline? For the company's biggest star, he seems to have been grossly misused this year. It would like if Hulk Hogan had played the prankster in the George Steele - Elizabeth - Randy Savage storyline. Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook discussion group by clicking here.

» Finally, a note from our store. The Best Picture of the Year for 2008 - Slumdog Millionaire - released yesterday on DVD and Blu-Ray. This movie, along with The Wrestler, was my favorite of 2008. I got a chance to check out a review copy of the two disc Blu-Ray release of the film last week, and it's packed with a bunch of cool extras. Fox, the distributors of the film, tried a new marketing ploy with this film and have released a feature-less version of the film for the rental markets, so the only way you can see the special features is if you buy the DVD. The extra features include deleted scenes, a two-art making of the film feature, a from script-to-scene feature on the 'toilet' scene and much more. I definitely recommend getting this one. To purchase the film on DVD, click here. To purchase the 2 disc version on Blu-Ray, click here. You can watch a trailer of the film below:

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