Some people missed out on iMPACT! last night since the name was changed from "TNA IMPACT" to "TNA WRESTLING." "TNA WRESTLING" looks to be the new name from now on, so update your DVR settings.

Candi Divine, the former AWA Women's Champion recently appeared on Divorce Court, suing her boyfriend, former wrestler Tom Burton. Divine won a judgment of $280.

Former WWF Ring Announcer Mike McGirk will make a rare appearance at the May 30th Legends of the Ring convention.

No casting notices have been issued for a second season of Celebrity Championship Wrestling, so it doesn't appear as if the show will continue.

CMT has, however, ordered eight episodes of another new Eric Bischoff produced reality show, "Runnin' Wild ...From Ted Nugent." The show will feature Ted Nugent teaching contestants how to survive in the wild. [Variety]

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