With the event being difficult to book for TNA, there hasn't been a lot of talk about running another "World X-Cup" this year. There was a plan for CMLL to host the event this year, with it airing on iMPACT!, but CMLL and TNA's relationship may not what it used to be, considering that CMLL used no TNA talent on their last PPV.

The Houston Chronicle has an article up about Steve Austin's Hall of Fame induction including quotes from Austin who says that while Stone Cold wasn't an emotional character, he is an emotional person and that that will reflect in his Hall of Fame speech tonight. The Hall of Fame airs LIVE tonight on WWE.com from 7-10EST. A one hour special will then air on the USA Network from 10-11EST featuring the inductions of Austin, Steamboat, and the Funks. Should be fun!

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