To follow up on reports of Tazz leaving WWE this week and finishing up at the TV tapings on this past Monday in Dallas, TX, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that his deal with WWE expired on March 31 and his departure was not unexpected by any means as the feeling was he would be done shortly after WrestleMania. Tazz had a meeting with Vince McMahon on March 30 in Dallas and they were described as being amicable to each other. As reported earlier, the word was that he was burned out and wanted to take some time off. Tazz did offer to work WrestleMania even though his contract was about to expire as he felt it was the right thing to do for business, but was told no thanks.

With Tazz leaving the company and leaving a spot open on the Smackdown announce team with Jim Ross, there has been no decision as to what will happen at the Smackdown tapings this Tuesday (April 7) in Austin, TX. There is speculation that WWE could put Jerry Lawler or Matt Striker on Smackdown with JR for the time being until they figure out a long-term plan. It is also possible JBL could step into the role if they decide to finish things up with his character in the ring as rumored, but nothing has been confirmed and is more people hoping it works out that way within the company.

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