MSNBC has an article up on Mickey Rourke's appearance last night at WrestleMania, which you can see at has also picked up the story with a video.

Here is the list of lumberjacks from last night's tag title unification match, which was moved to the pre-show and will now be a DVD extra:

* Jack Swagger
* Great Khali
* Jamie Noble
* Shad
* Hurricane Helms
* Paul Burchill
* Goldust
* Charlie Haas
* Curt Hawkins
* Zack Ryder
* Mike Knox
* Vladimir Kozlov
* R-Truth
* Evan Bourne
* Jimmy Wang Yang
* Tommy Dreamer
* William Regal
* Ezekiel Jackson
* Brian Kendrick
* Charlie Haas
* Dolph Ziggler

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