As announced this past Monday, Vickie Guerrero said that WWE's Board of Director's had told her that she would have to choose one show to run. Promising to bring her own unique vision to the program, Guerrero revealed that she would be running Raw. In an update, Guerrero's profile has been moved to the Raw section. has released a statement touting Raw's 3.9 cable rating this past Monday. WWE claims it was the most-watched Raw the night after WrestleMania since the March 19, 2002 show, which had 6,513,000 viewers. Monday's show drew 5,946,000 viewers.

An upcoming issue of WWE Magazine features Batista on the cover doing a takeoff of Marvel Comics' Wolverine character undergoing his Weapon X experiment. This is a takeoff of the upcoming Wolverine movie, which hits theaters in May.

Additionally, reader Koz Million sent in the following: "WWE Superstar Batista's martial arts trainer is Marrese Crump. He is a well-known martial artist who recently launched a social network for martial artists at where special news about Batista and his training might be released first. It is rumored that Dave Batista will be on the cover of an upcoming issue of WWE Magazine when he makes his comeback from injury. The concept is entitled "I've Created A Monster" and will have Batista in a laboratory inside a "Wolverine-like" water tank with monitoring pads on his body, as well as trainer Marrese Crump standing by and monitoring his progress with a clipboard. This seems fitting for the training Batista has received from Crump that has aided him after his last injury and successful comeback. It is also rumored that when Batista makes his comeback, he will be on the road to uniting the Heavyweight and WWE Championship Titles next year at Wrestlemania. Marrese Crump is rumored to possibly sign with the WWE as well and accompany Batista to the Ring as his manager."

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