WWE Not Happy With Ric Flair Working For ROH

WWE Not Happy With Ric Flair Working For ROH More on Flair turning down WWE's offer

WWE Not Happy With Ric Flair Working For ROH
Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (f4wonline.com)

It was pretty clear that WWE did not want Ric Flair appearing on the recent ROH show following WrestleMania 25 and offered him a role as the General Manager of Smackdown to bring him back full-time as a regular. Flair ended up turning down the offer as he felt the money they were offering (an estimated $250,000 per year) was far less than what he is making right now doing appearances. Another issue was that had Flair taken the offer they would be the ones back in control and could force him to turn down other money making opportunities, which was the reason he asked out of his contract with the company last year.

Probably the biggest thing WWE did not want to happen was for Flair to show up on TNA TV and when ROH got TV that was the next fear. The mentality in WWE has been described as that by putting people on their TV they make them stars. Many have agreed that is the case and if questioned most believe Flair would admit that most of the big money gigs he is getting now is because of the angle with WWE last year leading into his retirement. The word is that Flair received $15,000 for the first TV appearance for ROH and they are said to be interested in having him do more shows in the future, but are obviously hoping for a lower asking price. Flair reportedly also is working for ROH to help get his son Reid Flair a regular gig with the company and to get him experience working with better talent.

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