Due to the fact that after the WWE draft both the WWE champion (Triple H) and the World champion (John Cena) ended up on the same brand (RAW), there is likely to be a title change at the upcoming Backlash pay-per view on April 26th. While Triple H has his title up for grabs in a trios match with all RAW talent, Cena is defending his World title against SmackDown! star Edge in a Last Mand Standing Match. This pretty much guarantees Edge winning the World title to keep the top-two singles titles on opposing brands. Of course, WWE has been known to switch booking ideas simply to fool people watching, but even still this seems to be a lock. Also keep in mind that this would be a perfect opportunity for CM Punk to cash in his MITB briefcase.

Site reader Mike Ryan sent the following: Just thought I'd give more details on the Matt Hardy injury post from Saturday, as I was at the show in Cologne, Germany where the match took place. The match was pretty good, they also used ladders, chairs and a table but when Jeff Hardy hit a swanton on Matt (who had a chair on top off him) it somehow hit Matt's eye and he started to bleed profusely and the referee immediately did an X-sign. Another referee came and he brought some white towels to wipe Matt's face off. They did a cover and the match was over. After the match, Jeff did hit a twist of fate and Matt went right away to the locker room. When both Hardy's were in the back, both ref's started to clean the ring with other towels, meaning that the ring-mat was pretty bloody. Matt lost a fair amount of blood. After the show he was stitched up.

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