The following is from Ashley Massaro's Myspace: "It's so funny how easily people fall for poser accts that claim to be me when they are not. It has =been reported on a certain Twitter acct that I've have claimed to be making a return to WWE by Summerslam. Now, as much as I'd love to say that it is true, it's not. Because it ain't me folks. Like i've said I have no other accts likre that! I'm currently working on something that you will be able to view very shortly but i'm under contract and can not return to WWE just yet. So, hopefully it won;t be long. Last time I spoke with johnny Ace he said to come down to a taping so I'm gonna do that asap. I've got to head out to LA tom for work again but please, understand I do not have a freaking Twitter or anything but this."

- Thanks to reader Winster Ceballos for this funny note:
"I was listening to a Spanish radio station, and they were talking about people with bad habits. One of the hosts said that when John Cena visited them, he had a very bad smell from his mouth. The female host said that it was so bad that it looked like he did not brush his teeth or something. She offered him several times coffee and some other stuff but he denied."

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