Jim Ross Blogs On Taz, Draft, HBK/Bret Relationship, Morrison, More

Jim Ross Blogs On Taz, Draft, HBK/Bret Relationship, Morrison, More Notes from JR's latest blog

Jim Ross Blogs On Taz, Draft, HBK/Bret Relationship, Morrison, More
Jim Ross has posted a new blog, which can be read in its entirety at JRsBarBQ.com. Some highlights:

Kofi Kingston vs. Edge tonight on Superstars: "Our match, Edge vs. Kofi Kingston was the next to the last match of the evening which was par for my course. A good match nonetheless as Kofi is going to be a star some day and Edge has refined what he does to an art form. I am very pleased to have been the one who signed Edge to his first contract many years ago and I am even happier than he has been extremely successful and has prepared well for his future. Wrestlers that are making good to great money these days and who don't prepare for their future with IRA's, etc and who do not pay their taxes are simply stupid and usually fall into the group of disgruntled ex-wrestlers who blame any negatives in their lives on the biz."

His Recent UFC Comments: We got plenty of feedback on what I wrote about how much I respected Chuck Liddell and my being a big fan of UFC. I do hope that Chuck retires while his health is apparently still good but for some reason, really it's the nature of the beast, something tells me that Chuck will l likely fight "one more time" before hanging up his gloves for good. I hope I am wrong. Same goes for Ken Shamrock who is another warrior who needs to step away from combat with his head held high and feeling proud of his accomplishments just as Liddell should. I would love to be in Vegas in July for the UFC 100 event and see Lesnar look for redemption against Frank Mir and to see GSP fight in person.

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels' Relationship: "Another fan asked me if I thought that Bret and Shawn would ever 'make up' and 'get along' someday. I doubt if they will ever spend any quality time with each other if that's what you want to know but I also assume that both men are ready to move forward and focus on other facets in their lives than philosophical differences that occurred over a decade ago. As comedian Ron White would say, 'Let it go.'"

On John Morrison: Speaking of younger stars becoming main eventers, we have been receiving a great deal of mail that John Morrison reminds many fans of a young HBK. Interesting comparison and I hope that these fans are on the money with their observation. HBK, who will be back in action in a few months, is one of the most extraordinary performers in the history of the business and for Morrison to reach that level it will take tremendous effort, focus, and a fair amount of luck. For the sake of the biz and the fans, I am all for John Morrison becoming the next HBK but it obviously won't be easy. I suggest that John Morrison simply be the best John Morrison that he can become and call it a day. I'm damned happy Morrison is on Friday Night Smackdown nonetheless.

On the Draft: The WWE Draft results will really kick in the day after Backlash for the majority of all the talents affected. The only exception that I can think of is that MVP will defend the U.S. Title against Dolph Ziggler at MSG on the Tuesday night taping of Smackdown at the World's Most Famous Arena. I can't tell you how excited I get when give the opportunity to work in MSG. It is a magical place in an extraordinary city. I am under the impression, however, that going forward after Sunday's Backlash that there will be very little if any mingling of the three WWE brands or at least it is my impression that is the definitive goal. If this can be done, it will allow more new faces to get some TV time and also facilitate some of the younger, established talents with the opportunity to become main eventers.

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