Recent Attendance Figures; How Close Are the Big Three?

The Wrestling Observer released the following recent attendance figures. It gives you a good guide on how the big three compare:

4/17 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada: 450 fans.
4/18 in Markham, Ontario, Canada: 600 fans.

4/17 in Elmira, NY: 1,500 fans.
4/19 in Philadelphia, PA (Lockdown PPV): 4,500 fans (3,500 paid).

4/15 in Dublin, Ireland: sellout of 9,000 fans.
4/16 in Dublin, Ireland (second night): sellout of 9,000 fans.
4/16 in Cologne, Germany: 10,000 fans.
4/17 in Glasgow, Scotland: 6,500 fans.
4/19 in Nottingham, England: sellout of 9,000 fans.
4/19 in Vienna, Austria: sellout of 10,000 fans.
4/20 in 17,176 fans (Raw taping): 17,176 fans.

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