MVP/WWE Get Mention On 'The View', Rourke, & More

MVP/WWE Get Mention On 'The View', Rourke, & More
Today on The View, Sherri Shepherd discussed her night at Madison Square Garden with WWE US Champion MVP. She got a picture taken with him, said that she got to know him, and since he works 52-weeks a year, didn't have to get a credit check on him. Not much to the segment overall, but the odd crossover between The View and WWE continued.

The UK Sun has an article up on the passing of Playboy Buddy Rose, including quotes from Rose from past interviews. is currently running an article on Baylor University shortstop Shaver Hansen, who is the son of Stan "The Lariat" Hansen.

The New York Daily News has a brief item up about Mickey Rourke at Tribeca Film Festival stating that his hand has now healed after he broke it punching Chris Jericho at WrestleMania. He also said that he and Jericho are now friends.

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