For those who missed it last night on Raw, John Cena vs. The Big Show has been officially added to the Judgment Day card.

The title song from the movie "The Wrestler" by Bruce Springsteen has been nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Song. The Necro Butcher's nomination for 'WTF Moment' did not take the top five but had been voted on as a possibilty.

The Visual Arts Journal, the online publication of the School of Visual Arts, has posted an interesting interview with Bret Wingate, WWE's award winning VP of creative services. Wingate designs a large portion of WWE's creative material, including Pay-Per-View posters, DVD covers and more. He talks about a number of topics, including what it's like to work for WWE, whether working in a corporate setting affects his creativity and convincing WWE advertisers to use WWE superstars in their promotional material instead of mainstream sports stars like LeBron James. To read the interview, visit

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