Hacksaw Jim Duggan has posted a blog on his WWE Universe page and he tells a story about getting into a confrontation with Mickey Rourke during WrestleMania weekend in Houston. Duggan wrote: "BUT, my one high spot of the night, I went up to the top floor to check on my girls and on the way back downstairs I saw three guys coming toward me in the hallway. The top floors of the hotel have security, so I figured they must be someone I knew. As we get closer, I step to the right and two of the other guys do also, but one guy takes up the whole hallway, even though he is not all that big. I don't have on my glasses, so I can't really tell who he is, but anyway, as we pass I say " you got enough room there Mack" and keep walking. The other guy stops and says "What did you say to me?" So I told him again, but with a few adjectives. He says "You don't talk to me that way" now, as I start to focus in on the guy, I can see it is Mickey Rourke. The other two guys step in and break up the war of words. But, I was disappointed to see someone like that, act like he was a big shot. After of years of meeting real Movie stars, musicians, sports stars and other true big time celebrity's, I was not going to let that ruin my night."

Weeks after Tampa announced that they would bid to host a future WrestleMania, Jacksonville Economic Commission's sports director Mike Bounda told the Jacksonville.com that Jacksonville has put an early bid in to bring the show to Jacksonville's Municipal Stadium in the timeframe of 2012-2014. The 2005 Super Bowl was held there, and recently the stadium accommodated 70,000 fans for a monster truck rally.

Brooke Hogan celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday in Las Vegas with her father Hulk and family friend Eric Bischoff.

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