In an interview with Fox News, Brooke Hogan revealed that she's been on a date with another woman. "The girl was really awesome and we had a blast," Brooke said. "Then it got to the point where she was wanting to kiss me. Everyone knows I do not go there." Brooke went on to say that she understands how people can "fall in love with anyone," yet she maintains that she "naturally migrates toward men first."

Brooke also spoke about her mother Linda and her relationship with 19-year-old Charlie Hill. Brooke says she doesn't approve of Charlie, who she calls a "bad influence" on Linda. "We are totally different women. I'm straight laced, don't do drugs, stick to my regimen. It's different there."

Brooke said she's more comfortable with her father's new girlfriend and looks up to Hulk for the lessons he's taught her in life, including love and physical fitness. "I feel great at this weight, but I've started sticking to a diet again. People should know, I'm only doing the diet for the entertainment business. It's not really what you're supposed to look like in real life."

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