Ricky Ortiz Not Popular In The Locker-Room?, Candice Update, More

Ricky Ortiz Not Popular In The Locker-Room?, Candice Update, More
In Jim Ross' latest column on WWE.com, for whatever reason, he says Ricky Ortiz isn't too popular in the locker room. Ross wrote: "Did you know? Ricky Ortiz is now a member of the Friday Night Smackdown roster? "Sources say" that Ortiz isn't too popular in the locker room but I have no idea why nor do I know if that "rumor" is true. Might be the rally towel." Although, he noted in a blog on his website on Friday not to take all of his comments seriously. Ross wrote: "For those that have made comments on my most recent Smackdown blog on WWE.com and that took ALL my comments seriously, as Michael Cole would say, "Please, stop the pain." Humor, or attempts thereof, take many forms and my intent with that particular blog, as I try to do more often than not when I write, is to have fun." He may also be referencing Zack Ryder's recent make over, as he jokingly states that he couldn't tell him apart from Curt Hawkins. Ross wrote: "Curt Hawkins has a new "make over" and wait until you see it. Check that, it's Zach Ryder who has the new "make over" and Ryder wrestles Thursday night on WGN America on WWE Superstars. I guess I answered my own question as to why Hawkins and Ryder needed new looks. Both are much better wrestlers than some folks perceive and now that they are on their own I think we will be pleasantly surprised at how well they both do." Ross also compares Dolph Ziggler to a well known name from the past, believes John Morrison has displayed some young, HBK tendencies at times, who Mike Knox reminds him of, the return of Charlie Haas, and more.

Candice Michelle appeared on FOX on Saturday night, waving the green flag for a NASCAR race in Darlington, South Carolina on behalf of GoDaddy.com. The WWE Diva also presented the trophy to the winner. She also gave a small update on her injury status on her Twitter page (twitter.com/DIVACANDICEM) a few days ago, saying: "I'm still wrestling, injuries just take awhile unfortunately! I'll be back I promise u that! Miss the ring like crazy!"

Movieset.com has posted a behind-the-scenes video from the set of Rob Van Dam's new movie, "Wrong Side of Town." Van Dam says that the movie will give him a chance to show off his personality, which he didn't feel he was able to do while wrestling. "Wrong Side of Town" is currently filming in Los Angeles and will feature cameos by WWE superstar Batista and former WWE superstar Viscera.

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