As noted earlier, The Kid Rock concert at WrestleMania XXV has been completely removed from the upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases (due out next Tuesday). The discs do not feature the Kid Rock performance and no mention of it is made anywhere on the discs. That likely means there was an issue with DVD profit splits between WWE and Kid.

Michael Benoit, Chris Benoit's father, said the following to an Edmonton, Alberta radio station today about Dr. Phil Astin getting sentenced, saying he now hopes all of Chris Benoit's medical records will now be released to him. "Now, since the trial is over, perhaps that will be made available to us. Perhaps that will provide more insight to how the doctor was treating my son, whether or not he was doing the proper follow-up, and making sure that what he was prescribing was doing any good, or if my son just kept asking for it. I'm really not sure." has another video up from the The Wrong Side of the Tracks film shoot in New Orleans. The movie features Batista.

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