Taz was at the New York Mets game today.

Over the next three months, the Wrestling Universe store in Queens will have autograph signings with Bob Orton, Ted DiBiase and Hardcore Holly. The Bob Orton signing will be free (limit three items), while the DiBiase and Holly signings will be $20 a piece, which gives you a signed photo and a photo with the DiBiase or Holly. For details, call Jac at (718) (718) 460-2777.

Carlos Colon will not be appearing at the Legends of the Ring convention at the end of the month. Kizarny and Johnny Valiant have been added to the event. For more information, you can go to legendsofthering.com.

The Oshawa Express has an interview up with Hacksaw Jim Duggan, discussing his career, how the business has changed and more. You can check out that interview at oshawaexpress.ca

The Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that Melody Sanford, the ex-wife of Canadian independent wrestler Ivan (John) Radocaj (The Croatian Giant) was officially charged with first degree murder. If she is convicted, she will face up to 25-years in prison with no chance of parole. Ivan (John) Radocaj was beaten to death in September of 2007. At the time Radocaj and Sanford were separated, but Sanford claims that they had reconciled at the time of his death. His family claims to know nothing of the claimed reconciliation. Rita Louise Cushnie, who is a friend of Sanford, has also been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Cushnie is the mother of one of three men charged with first degree murder in the death of Radocaj, his name is Donald Richard, 31. Daniel Richard, 22, and Timothy Richard, 20 have been charged in the murder as well.

As noted earlier, Brooke Hogan celebrated her 21st birthday in Las Vegas last week. She had dinner at trendy restaurant Spago alongside her boyfriend Stack$, father Hulk, brother Nick and a few close friends. Brooke and Stack$ also went to the beach over the weekend.

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