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As seen on SmackDown in recent weeks, Chris Jericho has started a program with Rey Mysterio. The two are feuding because Jericho requested working with the high flying superstar. The feud actually started during the company's tour of Europe last month with Jericho "accidentally" unmasking Mysterio in various matches. Jericho is very hands-on when putting his programs together, and given his track record, this feud looks to have great potential.

WWE Women's Champion Melina reportedly broke down twice - both in the ring - when she was drafted from Raw to Smackdown during the 2009 WWE Draft. While Melina and John Morrison, who dated in the past and are now reportedly a couple again, requested to be on the same brand, the impression by Melina was that it would be on Raw and not on Smackdown. One of the biggest reasons she was pushed to Smackdown was to regain the Spanish language demographic that the show lost a year ago. While Rey Mysterio is obviously the key to that move, the company feels Melina could help as well.

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