The Great American Bash name change to "The Bash" is going through, as has started making changes on the site to reflect the new name. Also, new advertising has been sent out, featuring Batista and the new name, to cable and satellite companies.

The New York Post and the New York Times have been running article discussing the New York Yankees, and the WWE. With the Yankees on their recent hot streak, they have adopted a toy replica of a WWE championship belt, which was given to left fielder Johnny Damon by the son of pitcher A.J. Burnett after Damon showed him some wrestling moves. The person who contributes the most to the team's victory gets the belt that night, as the team's champion. Johnny Damon has stated that the WWE is, "the best family entertainment going". has a short Q&A up with Shelton Benjamin, discussing the wrestling business, negative media reaction to the business and more. Here is an excerpt of the interview, where Benjamin discusses African-American wrestlers: Honestly, as far as being African-American goes, I think we're to a point now where I think of myself not as an African-American superstar; I think of myself as a superstar who just happens to be African-American. While I recognize African-Americans have come a long way and I think I'm a testament to that because I see myself in that light, it's because of all the hard work of previous African-American superstars. I don't compare myself with only African-Americans ... I do not grade myself on a color scheme.

Jesse Ventura will be the guest on tonight's Hannity show, which airs on Fox News at 9PM.

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