The WWE Backlash 2009 DVD will be released on May 26th.

ESPN's Colin Cowherd took some shots at the WWE this morning for the whole WWE vs. Pepsi Center deal. Cowherd called wrestling fans "booger eaters" and also stated that guys like wrestling when they are teenagers, until they find a girlfriend.

Matt Hardy has changed the blog he wrote yesterday. The cryptic part, which may have been about his brother Jeff, has been changed to…

Things aren't always what they seem in life.

And before anyone criticizes me.. Everything I addressed is valid.

I thank my people-you know who you are..

Here is the Billboard Top 10 Recreational Sports DVD listing for this week. WWE took the top spot, with three DVDs in the top 10. TNA for the second week in a row had two DVDs in the top 10, and the UFC continues to do well with two of the top three DVDs this week.

1. WWE: Greatest Stars Of The 90s
2. UFC: Best Of 2008
3. UFC 92: Nogueira Vs. Mir
4. TNA: Jeff Jarrett: King Of The Mountain
5. NFL: Super Bowl XLIII Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers
6. WWE: The Best Of Raw: 15th Anniversary 1993-2008
7. Bluetopia: The LA Dodgers Movie
8. WWE: Viva La Raza: The Legacy Of Eddie Guerrero
9. Pride: Final Conflict Absolute
10. TNA: Cross The Line Vol. II

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