Tommy Dreamer recently updated his WWE Universe blog. Here are the highlights:

On retirement: When I first made my speech I never said the words retire. Go back and replay it if you want, the words never came out of my mouth. I am not Brett Farve, Floyd Mayweather or my mentor Terry Funk. When I say the words retire, I am gone for good. No comebacks, no matches just gonna sit back and relax. I am way to young to call it quits. Plus with the economy the way it is I will have to be wrestling somewhere when I am deep into my seventies.

On his WWE contract: WWE offered me a new contract about a month before I made my speech. WWE offered me a three year deal which was great. I have no problems with WWE. I spoke to Vince McMahon and told him my feelings and career aspirations and he fully supported them. I am a man that has to set goals and is responsible for my actions. I am not one to hang around and collect a paycheck. I did this to prove something to the fans and to myself.

On the possibility of TNA: I have close relationships with many of their wrestlers. I have nothing but great things to say about Dixie Carter. I have tons of respect for Jeff Jarrett for what he did in WWE as well as for taking a risk in starting your own company (been there it is so hard). I watch every week because I am a huge wrestling fan and enjoy the show. I am just seeing my journey to the end. Good or bad.

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