Jim Ross has a new blog entry up. Highlights are below.

On the "Denver debacle": Interesting week. The "Debacle in Denver" has had many people buzzing including some aloof, talking heads on ESPN SportsCenter who seem to get orgasmic when they get the opportunity to utilize witty banter to knock the genre of wrestling and its fan base. For the record I am NOT referring to my friend Jonathan Coachman.

I feel badly for the fans in Colorado who lost multiple WWE events because of the scheduling snafu at the Pepsi Center. Most know what a "Lewinsky" refers to so I wonder if arena scheduling issues might be referred to as "Kroenke's" in the future?

Denver Nuggets and Pepsi Center owner Phil Kroenke likely won't be treated too kindly this Monday night on Raw by Mr. McMahon. Kroenke's image may make Mr. McMahon's treatment of Ted Turner back in the WWE/WCW Monday night war feel like Ted was a blood relative of the McMahon's.

On tag team wrestling: I am a fan of tag team wrestling even though some of my remarks on this website have been misunderstood. I never said that there wasn't "room" for tag teams in wrestling. I have been fortunate enough to have broadcast more great tag team bouts than any broadcaster working today and I readily acknowledge that there are some excellent tag teams competing in the biz. My point has merely been that due to the lack of overall depth in the business that there aren't enough great tag teams to keep tag team wrestling positioned where it should be. When is the last time on a major PPV have two, full time teams headlined? I rest my case.

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