-- Celeb blog has a new photo shoot with Torrie Wilson online that the former Diva did to promote JBL's energy drink. The article notes that Torrie's new show on NBC premiers tonight, and that co-star Heidi Montag is "about to get shown up by Torrie who is over 10 years older but over 10 times hotter." You can check it out at this link.

-- The most recent Legends Of The Ring convention drew 500-600 fans on Saturday. Konnan no-showed the convention, which is his second time in a row no-showing for those promoters which needless to say left them with a bad taste. Sabu was booked as a replacement.

-- Taz recently updated his Facebook page with a blog about his experience at the Legends Of The Ring convention. You can read it at this link.

-- MVP ended up actually going to Sherri Sheperd from The View's high school prom. has a short article on their appearance at this link.

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