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According to multiple sources in WWE, many are under the impression that Jeff Hardy has not signed a new contract with WWE and that he will most likely take some time away from the company. Matt Hardy had seemed to hint that Jeff may have signed a new deal with the company recently, but later pulled it and stated he enjoyed getting attention from wrestling websites that made his blog #1 on MySpace. While one WWE source indicated that it is possible Jeff could sign a short-term extension to keep him with the company temporarily, nothing has been confirmed and it is purely speculation at this point. It should be noted that there are no pay issues between WWE and Jeff over a new deal and it is more that he just wants to take some time off and has interest in making a return. There have been reports that Jeff has been telling friends that is currently working on an MTV-style reality show project.

During his absence from television, Triple H has been helping out behind the scenes at weekly Raw tapings. However, one source said Triple H is not as passionate about the product when he's not involved, and the feeling of more than one person is that Raw has featured more comedy as of late because he and Shawn Michaels are not around to lobby against skits in production meetings. If you recall, it was reported a few months ago that Triple H and Michaels were being praised internally for speaking out against the campy comedy McMahon seems to enjoy.

Another reason for the name change for "The Great American Bash" to "The Bash" in WWE was the company feeling that since they are a worldwide brand that there was a problem using the word "American."

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